Spray Tanning Services

Signature Airbrush Tan

  • Our classic solution with a rinse time of 8-12 hours. Great for those later evening appointments or for the one that is not afraid of commitment! 

Express Airbrush Tan

  • Our rapid solution with a rinse time of 2-6 hours. Time varies depending on the level of darkness you are trying to achieve. Great for the busy one who has places to be and cannot wait for a long processing time.

Contour Airbrush Tan

  • Our specialty signature tan that naturally accentuates muscle tone and bone structure. Available in 8-12 hour solution only.

Hydration Booster

  • Add on service formulated to relieve and post tan odor and promote skin hydration & seals your tan. This helps to promote the longevity of your tan and is recommended for all brides and vacation tans! (This is included in all bridal tans/packages).

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