Pre/Post Tan Care Tips

Pre-Tan Prep

  • Exfoliate skin 1 day before the appointment with an exfoliating mitt & body scrub and/or a dry brush
  • Shower prior to the appointment (at least 1-2 hours before the appointment is best if possible) to ensure there are no products on your skin (deodorant, moisturizer, fragrance, make up, etc.) Please no Dove soap! Dove soap should be avoided pre and post tan!
  • Remove all jewelry that will leave unwanted tan lines
  • Make sure to wear or bring appropriate clothing/garments that won’t leave you with unwanted tan lines. You can wear as little or as much as you would like and are comfortable in just keep tan lines in mind!! (Ex: If you are being sprayed for a specific event, please think of what you will be wearing and what areas will be exposed to avoid the issue of unwanted tan lines after the spray)
  • Have loose fitting and dark colored clothing ready to put on or change into after the spray (NO jeans, leggings or athletic clothes)
  • Any waxing, manicures or pedicures should be done at least 1 day prior to the tanning appointment
  • After your appointment and during development, you will need to ensure you do not heavily sweat and your skin does not get wet. You should be taking it easy and relaxing post spray tan. Please plan accordingly!

*If you are breastfeeding, it is recommended you wear a bra/top during and after your spray tan application.

Post-Tan Care

  • In the initial development hours, refrain from getting wet or heavily sweating.
  • During development, it is recommended to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid any skin to skin contact and possibility of touching your skin and staining on your hands. Make sure to skip the socks! If you are sleeping in your spray tan overnight, please be sure to sleep in long sleeves & pants, no socks!
  • After your development time is complete, a rinse in the shower is needed. This is not meant to be a regular shower, just a warm, (no hot water), quick rinse! Please avoid washing yourself or shaving, only rinse the tan and washing hair if needed. During this rinse, it is normal to see brown run off, this is the cosmetic bronzer that was sitting on top of your skin.
  • For future showers after your rinse avoid soap/body wash with alcohol or fragrance in it. Dove, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret is not recommended.
  • After your rinse and for all other showers while maintaining the tan, pat your skin dry gently. The more gentle you are with your skin, the longer your tan will last.
  • Moisturize two times per day, morning and night. Dry skin does not show or display a tan nicely. Avoid creams and moisturizers with Mineral Oil, contain synthetic fragrance or that are oil based. Again, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are not recommended.
  • When applying perfume/cologne, do not spray directly onto chest or wrists. Please hold the fragrance a few inches from your skin and then apply.
  • Stay hydrated! Ensure you are getting enough daily water intake to keep your skin hydrated!
  • If you are tanning during the warmer months or for a tropical vacation, sunscreen is always recommended to be worn with a spray tan. Mineral based sunscreen and lotion is recommended over aerosol spray sunscreen.

Preparation & Maintenance


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